My easter Hoildays

Hey there!

Sorry for letting you hang there without a blog post. Last week I was in Italy (Lago di Como) and afterwards Austria. My family wanted to meet with my great parents. We celebrated easter together and visited Swizerland. (Lugano). Soon I’ll upload some pictures, if you want to see some just go on my instagram and you’ll see some pictures 🙂 (@maryaturtle)

Comment what you want next as a blog post! 20 Facts about me , or something else 🙂

love x


My first Haul

Yesterday I did some little shopping with my mum before heading to watch Divergent. (Great film really!)
I bought some products I look forward to use and I wanted to show you them and if requested, tell you how I like them after a while.
Let’s get started!
The first product is a Listerine mouthwash. I used it this morning and I have to say, I liked it quite. It’s a bit heavy and the taste is a bit strange, an firstly it burned a bit my tongue but my mouth feels so much cleaner now. You have to use it mornings and evenings to have a full effect. I’ll update you soon!
After that I bought a Bodylotion. Now, I don’t know if they sell it only in Germany or in the EU but my mother uses the same and she said it’s pretty good. It’s from Neutrogena (I’ll put in some pictures!)
Last but not least I bought some Veet hair removal cream. Called Easy Start it should be for beginners. I usually shave my legs with a razor, which leaves my skin very irritated. So I thought to change my method. (That’s also why i bought the body lotion).
I will tell you after my first use how it worked!
The last is not really something I bought. My boyfriends mother gave me this Friday a Babor Fondation. (Thank you!) I rarely use such things but well why not try out something that’s super expensive and she just gave me as a present?
I will keep you updated!
But now I wish you a happy happy Sunday 🙂
Mary x



Instagram !

It’s me again … I know I know you’re probably now totally annoyed. But since I’m a very new and fresh blogger – and my instagram page is totally unaffected and no one follows me or almost no one – I wanted to promote myself! Please follow my instagram as I’m going to update you about new blogposts and I’m going to post pictures. I’ve got a special feed only for you!
Name is @daisymaryx 🙂 maybe I’ll follow back?
Love xxx

Recommendation One

Recommendation One

Alverde Blush – Desert Rose – xxx€
Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette – 010 All Nude – about 4.95€
Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm – 050 Cherry-ty – about 3€
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour – 080 Go, Charlie Brown! – about 2.95€
Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner – Don’t Move! – about 2.95€
Maybelline New York – 26 Antibacterial – xxx€
Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Mascara – xxx€ (20% reduced)
Essence kajal pencil – 08 Teddy – 0.95€

These products, listed above, are one of my favourites. A few weeks ago I bought the Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette and instantly fell in love with it. The shades are just so super pretty! For about 4,95€ it’s a good other option instead of the NAKED palettes (even though I’ve never tested them because they’re not sold in Germany 😦 )

The blush came along with something my mother bought I don’t even know when I got it … however, if you’re lucky to live in Germany go and buy it, it’s worth the money!
The Lip Balm is cute, I’ve used it alot through winter.
The Eyeliner is to be honest a bit strange. It always smudges fastly and sticks to my lid … probably going to buy another one soon.
I really like the Coverstick as it not only covers some pimples but also my dark circles under my eyes (not sleeping enough – oops).
I really love the Catrice brown Eyeshadow. Mostly using it for my brows, but also as Eyeshadow and its perfect for everyday.
The kajal was only worn two times but it hasn’t let me down so far. 🙂
I hope you all liked my first Make-Up blogpost. Leave some comments below or like! And also subscribe! 🙂
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Love Mary x

Finally you and…

Finally you and me are the lucky ones this time

Hey there!

Finally I’ve made it to a cool new blog. 🙂
I really hope you guys are going to love it as much as I do! Soon I’m going to post my first real blogpost – but first – follow me on Instagram! There you’ll be updated about my life and so on 🙂

My private one: @marystagram and my official one: @daisymaryx

And the quote above is from my lady Lana. Love this wonderful woman!